Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emacs vs vi

Last night I watched The Social Network and Tron: Legacy. In the first movie, Mark Zuckerberg uses Emacs for coding some stupid website in PHP. In the second movie, Kevin Flynn uses vi for coding laser control software in C, that transports human beings into the ultimate virtual reality.

I rest my case.


  1. was emacs, not vi.:P
    try emacs -nw

  2. Emacs was in it as well and actually shown being used in the movie (only found out now, after your comment :). But it wasn't used by Flynn to hack his laser control code. It was used by the guy who is responsible for ENCOM OS, in the scene where they are about to release ENCOM OS 12.

    I can't find a screenshot of the scene with vi in it. When Sam walks into his fathers office and goes through the shell history on the "SolarOS" machine, you can see something like "vi last_will_and_testament.txt" and "vi laser_control.c".

    Anyway, thanks to your comment I found this awesome blog post from one of the guys who worked on the computer stuff in the movie: